Get real-time, granular insights across all channels

Use customer feedback to deliver sales, increase self service and improve customer experience

Automatic tagging of customer feedback

Chatdesk tags every inbound customer conversation and displays the results on your Trends dashboard in real time.

As customer feedback increases, manual tagging and analysis is increasingly difficult. Chatdesk Trends saves time for your support agents and makes reporting consistent and fast.

Trends enables you to easily identify actionable insights and drive business impact across your organization.

Easy access to granular data

Filter your customer feedback by date, channel, sentiment, product, location, etc.

Drill down to specific customer messages. Export data to CSV or directly to your favorite Business Intelligence tool.

Effortless analysis
across all channels

Launch in minutes. No development or pre-work needed.

Dynamic tags evolve with your business. Chatdesk Trends uses machine learning to automatically improve over time.

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